An Adventure Game For Ages 8 to 88

Heart˙Buttonz is an adventure of insight and intuition played by family, friends and community where everybody wins!  As adventurers move about the board, insights, revelations and understanding occur resulting in more peace and integrity within each player which creates more peace and integrity in the world.  Heart˙Buttonz uses simple movements and Heart˙Button Wisdom Cards which integrate body, mind, heart and spirit and the wisdom and insights that surface along the way.  The ultimate is joy, insight, clarity and exploration of your intuition, spirit, special gifts and talents. Bring your open heart, mind, body, spirit and friends and discover, laugh and play! 


Adventures Start In The Heart˙

The secret of life isn’t what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.
Norman Vincent Peale
Your whole life can change in an instant, and you never even see the change coming.
Play brings 
the magic of 
life alive!
Love is a garden.  What you plant in the garden of your mind is what will grow.   What do you want to plant and grow?

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